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Farrah Abraham is the hottest celebrity milf ever to produce a hardcore sex tape. With her partner popular porn star James Deen she gave him the most incredible blowjob on earth before getting both her tight perfect pussy fucked and taking James dick in her ass. The first celebrity anal sex video you will love this wild sex tape. It cums in TWO volumes that can only be watched at VividCeleb.com

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It is finally here guys! A perfect mold of Farrah Abraham’s pussy and ass that you can fuck! Crafted from lifelike Cyberskin and in sexy doggystyle position you can fuck Farrah’s vibrating pussy or her asshole with this amazing masturbator. It even heats up to body temperature! Just like James Deen you can fuck Farrah Abraham doggystyle using her sex toy that is a perfect mold of her pussy and ass. How amazing is that? Even hand painted pussy lips that you won’t be able to resist! Learn more about Farrah’s pussy and ass masturbator now!

Pole Dancing Classes

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Gorgeous milf and sex tape star Farrah Abraham is one busy person. Not only is she currently filming a new horror movie, launching a new frozen yogurt restaurant but she is currently taking pole dancing lessons at Brass Ovaries in Austin, Texas. Must say we love the name! Farrah bragged on her twitter account and shared some pictures of her working the pole. Well we’re happy to keep you up to date on Farrah news! Enjoy her sex tape if you’re so inclined!

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Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is now working in a Austin strip club for “research“. Reports are Farrah signed a $500,000 contract as a celebrity dancer. Talk about a HUGE payday for the gorgeous milf sex tape star. The owner of┬áPalazio Gentleman’s Club says the arrangement benefists everyone. Patrons will be able to pay $2500 for a hour long private dance from Farrah. Which seems worth it considering her gorgeous body. Big tits, tight ass and so so so much more! If you only wanna spend $30 to watch her hardcore celebrity sex tapes and other celebs fucking visit VividCeleb.com

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If you like celebrity porn and naked photos you probably have already heard about The Fappening. A massive iCloud hack on celebrity accounts that stole thousands of naked and even hardcore self shit videos. Fuck even blowjob pov videos! We are talking A-List super stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and many more. Plus your very own Farrah Abraham is on the master list of hacked accounts. We however will not be posted the photos because they are stolen and we value celebrity privacy. But you can watch a consensual celebrity sex tape of Farrah Abraham and many more. Check out Farrah fucking her pussy with a dildo below. She is so gorgeous! Congrats James Deen on winning over her gorgeous milf heart! Watch all celebrity sex tapes and porn videos now at Vivid.com

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Guy you loved watching Farrah Abraham’s sex tapes now you can enjoy her exclusive sex toys that are FINALLY HERE! Straight from industry best TOPCO Farrah has released 3 male sex toys featuring an exact molded replica of her milf pussy and ass. Just check out this amazing sex toys and fake pussy above. Damn do I need to get my hands on one!

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Incredible and major rumors are circling around celebrity gossip blogs that sexy milf reality star is opening a restaurant? Reports are it will be a fresh, frozen food concept in Austin, Texas. Whatever that is??? Anyways Farrah Abraham continues to take on the marketing world with two celebrity sex tapes, numerous books about to be released and even a line of sex toys from Topco. Got give her this she is one busy amateur milf that has set her business goals high. And it sure looks like people across the World are cheering for her!

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Fresh off her sex tape fame milf Farrah Abraham has endorsed a line of SEX TOYS from TOPCO. Farrah even had a mold of her tight milf pussy made for a lifelike fake pussy that you guys can masturbate with. Basically if you have ever dreamed of fucking Farrah Abraham you can now, well kinda with a sex toy fake pussy. Farrah proved she is a raven in the bedroom with James Deen in the best two celebrity sex tapes ever to be released! Learn more about Farrah Abraham Topco sex toys and then once you find them and BUY watch her fabulous hardcore sex tape!

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Farrah in the News Again

Farrah Abraham in the News

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Well the famous milf reality star Farrah Abraham is in the news again! Farrah is currently writing an erotic trilogy and even a Christian parenting book! This may surprise many of you but this Huffington Post news article about Farrah Abraham is amazing! They basically give a full synopsis on Farrah’s celebrity sex tapes and history of being on reality television. They discuss her sex tape / porno at full length before providing amazing links to her recent status as an author. Hell even James Deen got some ink! Farrah is still a shining star as her name is appearing in the mainstream media almost everyday! But it’s still more fun to watch Farrah have sex than read about her!